Seriously. Whatever happened to customer service???? Lately, I have been bombarded with the opposite of customer service.. What would that be called? Customer disservice? Customer inattention? Customer-go-screw-yourself?!!

I feel like I'm a realistic person. I look at the glass as exactly half-full AND half-empty. I expect no more and no less than what I pay for. And all I ask is that if I order something online, in person, or by phone that it actually arrive when it's promised.

Unfortunately, customer service has gone out the window. In this age of having everything at our fingertips, vendors know that if they lose your business, the next Joe Schmoe will be ordering their product virtually in seconds and they will likely make more money off of them than they did you. Making threats about taking your business elsewhere is greeted with a chirpy, "thank you! have a great day!" and followed by the nasty click of the phone line.

I ordered a birthday present for a friend of mine two weeks ago and was told it would ship via priority mail. Unfortunately for me, I was blind to the small print. My order would be coming from an independent vendor and would have to go from their warehouse to the middle man and finally onto me, and THAT whole ordeal would take 7-10 business days. After a dozen emails and two phone calls I was told today that my package was in fact already delivered... to FT. WORTH, TX. Apparently they were sending it to me in the year 2000 because that's when I actually LIVED IN TEXAS. Now that I'm in Washington, I'm going to be hard-pressed to get that package anytime soon. And the worst part about it is that I was offered NOTHING in return for my trouble. As a matter of fact, I was given an attitude and made to feel that I was putting THEM out by even calling!

Next on my list of crappy vendors is Budget Blinds. I ordered almost $2000 worth of blinds a month ago and was told they would be installed in THREE WEEKS. Great. No problem. A month later, however, I have heard exactly NOTHING from Budget Blinds. NOTHING. When I called them today, they were too busy to look up my order and I was told my call would be returned TOMORROW. NO "I'm sorry." NO "We'll call you back in 10 minutes." No nothing. Just "We'll have someone call you tomorrow." Would this have happened 20 years ago? 10 years ago? Maybe so but it seems like this is the rule lately rather than the exception and I'm just not sure what to do about it. Threats don't work. Complaints don't work. So how do we start getting better service? How do we demand respect in return for our business?

Someone please tell me because I've reached the end of my VERY frayed rope here....


m said...

that shit is bullshit!! kill them all and eat their souls!

Greg said...

I've been trying to take down names lately when I talk over the phone, and employee ID or whatever if it's a bigger company.

Call back and ask to speak with a manager or owner. The average employee doesn't really care about the business, so they are more likely to have an attitude.

I feel your pain. It's seems today that there are more incompetent employees then ever before.

Nicole said...

I was discussing this with my mother. The problem that most employees face working for a major company is the fact they are not allowed to bend rules or make it up to you. When it's a homegrown business you deal direct and can get a little more sympathy and customer service because it is there lively hood. That is part of the reason I despise working in the mall. I can only do so much and then I have to give them a bullshit 800 number that no one will answer or call them back from and we all know it. It's discouraging. It's a horrible cycle. You get people desperate for jobs that only pay minimum wage so the employees have no real desire to give the service they should. The company doesn't require much more of them because they have to ground to barter. Never ending circle of doom that the customer gets the shortest end of the stick with. Trust me, I understand. I currently have battles with restaurants and HORRIBLE service. I'm a good tipper too, so, jokes on them.