Does this sound at ALL familiar to anyone who has been a long-time viewer of The View? I have to admit, I Tivo this show.. and I Tivo it because, for the most part, I consider the topics interesting and I love listening to the political banter between the hosts. But I have to take this opportunity to say: I can not STAND Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

Not even a little.

Honestly, does Lizzie not realize that she hasn't got the best track record when it comes to political candidates?? You would think someone that so brazenly praised the Bush campaign for the last eight years would see that maybe THAT whole thing didn't go so well and that THIS time around, perhaps she should be a little more modest about her opinions. But no, of course not! As she sits there and speaks with such conviction about McCain and his qualifications for the presidency, I wonder if she ever considers that her audience may be listening and remembering when she spoke the very same words, with the same urgency, about GWB. I'm sorry, Elizabeth, but some of us DO remember...

And something else that makes me absolutely crazy is that she speaks about McCain as if he is political perfection personified. Whoever her politician of the moment happens to be can NOT be flawed in ANY way. She will fight tooth and nail to defend their EVERY decision and will never concede the fact that maybe, JUST MAYBE, they made a mistake once or twice in ALL their years in politics.

Get down off your high horse, Elizabeth. Take a deep breath (and a break from the spray tan machine) and let someone else have an opinion for once. Yours stinks.

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