[i think i made you up inside my head..]

after awhile, it's like you were never here at all...

i'm wading in the deep end... getting more tired by the second. i'm reading a book called "night" by eli wiesel. he was a jew that was taken from his home as a child and delivered to the auschwitz concentration camp. the book is so simply written, and barely over a hundred pages long but it's so riveting.. so unlike any other account of that time. as i read it, it seems like a dream. something i'll never have to experience in my life. something that seems so unreal. i can't imagine what life would be like having seen, heard, smelled the things that these poor people survived. it's truly unbelievable.

what an amazing person to take this anguish, this nightmare and turn it into an art. i am in awe.

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