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i hate, hate, hate standing in line... and some of the all time worst standing in line happens at the post office. it kills me. i was there today, overnighting my application for certification to the state (a beating all on its own) and happened to show up at just the same time as some of this town's finest individuals also decided to come out of the woodwork. as if it wasn't bad enough that i had to stand in line for a billion hours, i also had the most annoying grandma behind me. she seemed annoyed that i was standing in line in front of her, not that just ANYONE was in front of her but specifically ME. every time i would move forward in line she would move ahead as well, very quickly and press herself up against me. EVERY TIME. i happen to have a pretty large purse and i got so desperatly insane about her touching me that i pretended i was turning around to look at something behind us and sort of wacked her with it. unforunately, this did nothing to discourage her. when i turned forward again, she pressed herself firmly back into me. some people have no idea what personal space is and how to respect it. i need my space. i really, really do.

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