[waiting for the world to end...]

remember back on new year’s eve 2000 when we were all waiting to see if the world was going to end.. or if all the computers in the world were going to simultaneously melt-down or take over?

good times...

i happened to work for a company back then that made all of its money selling a Y2K compatibility scheme that would supposedly ensure that your computer would make the transition into the year 2000 smoothly and glitch-free. yeah.. that company pretty much went bankrupt. not only that, but i recently heard from one of my old friends that the owner and head B.S.er had his pants sued off and everyone that was part of the company back then is getting some sort of settlement, however small. i guess it’s true: what goes around indeed comes around... eventually.

so here we are again, at the threshold of a new year. it’s always an adventure, isn’t it? can’t wait to see what happens this time around....

happy, happy, shiny new year.

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